Kriegspiel V4.2

This version makes some cosmetic improvements on V4.1.

Moving the piece

In play, the mouse icon takes on the appearance of the moving piece.

Rule default

The default rule setting is now NOT to announce queened pawns (optional in the control panel).

Replay recorder and Demo mode

Demo mode is now similar to action replay, and illuminates the piece and its destination before moving.
The replay recorder control buttons interlock better. The maximum speed of replay has been limited to improve stability.

Kriegspiel V4.1

Bug fix

This version is identical to Version 3.03, other than it simply corrects the castling bug which was disabling Queenside castling when the Kingside rook was moved.

Kriespiel V3.04 and V3.05 Beta -  Changes since V3.03

These were experimental versions testing some animation. Didn't work too well!

Kriegspiel V3.03 -  Changes since V3.02

Bug fix

Castling move towards unmoved but previously taken rook is now disallowed... This loophole was being exploited by an unscrupulous robot!

User interface

Some minor changes to make game status announcements more legible.
Tidy up of display for netbooks.
Minor changes to piece placement controls in Piece menu: Piece menu is reset after each test-piece placement, and test-pieces cleared away on game end.
Improved interlocks between game controls and recorder buttons.


Some minor changes to the robot.

Known deficiencies

Skype - Linux connector is still not working, so Linux version cannot play across network.

Kriegspiel V3.02 Beta -  Changes since V3.01

The website now has a guide to V3.02

1. Rules options

The preferences / settings pane now allows for variations in what the computer referee announces when you play Kriegspiel.

(a) Announce pawn promotions. Announcements are made by default (as per V3.01) but can now be turned off.

(b) Distinguish Pawn takes from Piece takes. Announcements now distinguish pawn takes from piece takes by default. This feature can be turned off so that all takes are shown as Piece Taken (as per V3.01).

2. Announcements and the Tabbed Message Board

The message board is now in a tabbed pane.  Alternative tabbed views in the message board are Pieces Taken (in referee mode) and a Piece Menu for marking squares during play (in Kriegspiel mode - see 5 below).

When playing Kriegspiel, the computer referee now also makes announcements in the scrollable Message Board, viz. moves so far, takes, tries, promotions, checks (including direction), and game endings.

This means Pawn try announcements can also be seen by the opponent (in the message board, not in the status panel where the player continues to see only his own Pawn tries).

3. Illuminating Pawn moves

When a Pawn is selected for moving, diagonal takes are illuminated only where a Pawn try is available.  The Pawn try is also illuminated in the opponent's view when playing over a network.

4. Playing the robot

The robot pauses briefly when you put it in check so that you can better see the check direction.  The check direction is also shown in the message board pane.

5. The Piece Menu

While playing Kriegspiel, you can tab from the message board to the Piece Menu which lets you select images of opponents pieces which you can place on apparently empty squares where you imagine your opponent may be.   These images have no effect on play and cannot be seen by your opponent.  

6. Bug fixes

6.1 Undo button in referee mode:
(a) "To Play" signal now displaying correctly.
(b) Check direction squares now re-illuminate in green.

6.2 Replay recorder: Pause button now re-illuminates rewind button and game buttons so you don't have to play the game to its finish before starting a new game.

6.3 Resign before first move, now tolerated without problem.

6.4 Previous Sound setting remembered on restart.

7. Known limitations

The Skype-Linux adaptor is not yet working.  Under Linux, the program fails to connect to the Skype package. The rest of the program appears to work ok. The Skype-Mac OS-X adaptor has also ceased to work since the upgrade to Snow Leopard.

and finally...

Note: if you upgrade to V3.02 from an earlier version, a new preferences / configuration file is created, and  the program will report on the first run:
"Error reading .cfg file
 - repairing by writing new .cfg
- done."

Denys Bennett
Apr 2013