Welcome to Kriegspiel

From this site you can download my program to play the chess wargame known as Kriegspiel

The program acts as a referee for two human players in the game of Kriegspiel (or Blind Chess) where each player can see only his own pieces. This is a game of excitement, anxiety, cunning and mayhem, suitable for experienced chess players and beginners alike.

  Rather like Battleships played to the rules of chess

Now you can play this game against another player over your local area network, or across the internet, or just sharing a single computer - and with the benefit of action replays...

The software package

Version 4 is now available as a free download. Registration is unnecessary. Latest release is V4.2. This release improves appearance in play.

V4.1 (also available for download) replaced the stable beta version v3.03, and corrects the bug which disabled queenside castling when the kingside rook was moved.

Versions 3 and 4 are written in Java and so will run on Mac and Linux as well as Windows. It uses Skype for communication across the web. This version has a blind robot against which you can practise, and also offers a Referee mode for help in refereeing a conventional Kriegspiel game whilst getting the benefit of action replays.

Please note that the Skype functions of Mac version no longer work with the latest versions of Snow Leopard. The MacOS-X Skype connector library files may need updating, and I am sorry to say that public access to this previously freely available software appears to have been restricted. And I never did get the Skype-Linux connector to work!

The good news is that so far as I know the Windows-Skype link is still functioning, so you can continue to play Kriegspiel over the internet.

Older versions of the software are no longer supported.


I am indebted to the Los Angeles Kriegspiel Club for helping with specification and testing of the Referee mode. Thanks guys!

Denys Bennett
Potters Heath Road
Welwyn, Herts UK AL6 9ST
Or contact me via this e-mail link