Install and Uninstall

This program is written in Java, and so should run on Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux. If your computer does not yet support Java, you can download the Java engine from Sun Microsystems. This site lets you check if your computer already supports Java.

The program files are distributed as a zip file (or tar.gz file for Linux users) which contains the program as a Java Archive file ( Kriegspiel.jar) plus library files which support the program's Skype connection to your operating system (skype_win32.jar, skype_linux.jar, or skype_osx.jar).

You should extract the files, and keep them in the same folder structure as you received them. You can keep the folder wherever you like - for example on the desktop. There is no further installation procedure.

To run the Kriegspiel program, double click the file Kriegspiel.jar

(Linux users may need to right click the file and choose Run under JRE or such-like, if double clicking just seems to open the Java archive instead of running the program.)

To uninstall the program, just delete the folder and its contents.

To run the package under a different operating system, move the appropriate skype adaptor jar file out of the lib folder into the folder containing Kriegspiel.jar, and put the unwanted adaptor into the lib folder. Don't delete the lib folder!

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