Kriegspiel Version 4

This version is written in Java so that it will run under Mac-OSX and Linux as well as Windows.

The game can be played on a single computer with two players sharing the screen, or works with Skype software* over a network. You can also play against the program's robot, either at Kriegspiel or at Chess. Please note that the robot is a lousy chess player because he can't see your pieces!

A free version of the software is downloadable for you to test. The latest download version is V4.2, and has some cosmetic improvements over V4.1. V4.1, released March 2015, replaced V3.03, and corrects a Castling bug in earlier version. V4.1 is still available for download.

See Changes since v3.01
  See Version 3 Help for a complete guide to the program.

Your computer needs to support Java. Most new computers already do so, but you can download Java via this link. Please be aware that there are currently some potential malware exploits on certain rogue websites if you have Java (rather than Javascript) enabled, so do take the precaution of disabling Java in your browser.

  • Unzip the download.
  • Double click kriegspiel.jar to run the program.
  • Let me have any comments!

    Disclaimer: This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype

    *Alternatively the program can support networking over a home LAN using the freeware Jeeva chatserver if preferred.